Nyx Little Swan Waring

Swashbuckling Fate Witch


Nation: Vodacce Religion: Vaticine
Reputations: Passionate
Languages: Vodacce, Avalon

ARCANA: The lovers
Virtue: Passionate
Activate your Virtue when another Hero takes Wounds to prevent her from suffering those Wounds. You take one Dramatic Wound instead.
Hubris: Star-Crossed
You receive a Hero Point when your Hero becomes enamored with someone she really shouldn’t.

Brwan: 2 Finesse: 3 Resolve: 2 Wits: 3 Panache: 3

Aim: 1 Athletics: 2 Brawl: 0 Convince: 2 Empathy: 0 Hide: 1 Intimidate: 1 Notice: 2
Perform: 2 Ride: 1 Sailing: 2 Scholarship: 0 Tempt: 2 Theft: 0 Warfare; 1 Weaponry: 3

Ship Captain: Quirk, Earn a Hero Point when you’re the last one in your crew to safety.

Sorte Strega: Quirk, Earn a Hero Point when you commit to a dangerous course of action that you believe is destiny.

Married to the Sea: You have a ship
Leadership: Spend a hero point to inspire group to action.
Sea legs: You gain 1 bonus die on any physical risk while aboard a ship at sea.
Time Sense: You always know what time it is.
Sorcery: Sortal/ tessere
Blessing: Minor/Major, Curse: Minor/Major, Pull: Minor/Major, Arcana: Minor/

Duelist Academy: Ambrogia
Stye Bonus: Veronica’s Guile

Personal Story: My Lady Fair
Nyx has become enamored with the Lady Jane Blackburn an Avalon merchant and wife of Lord Walter Blackburn.
Ending: Nyx and Lady Jane live happy together tell fate intervenes.
Reward: Wits (4)
Step (1) Convince Lady Jane to let me do some work for her.
Step (2) Find the perfect gift for Lady Jane
Step (3) Convince Lady Jane to meet y me in private and confess my feelings for her.
Step (4) Escape Walter Blackburn and his men as they chase me through the city after finding me in bed with Lady Jane.
Step (5)Rescue Lady Jane from Walter Blackburn’s estate.

Ship Name: The Black Swan
Class: Brigantine
Origin: Avalon
Ships made in Avalon tend to be smaller and built for speed. Gain two Bonus Dice for any Risks involving speed and maneuverability—such as trying to flat outrun another Ship.

Background: Beyond the Horizon
Your Ship has sailed to the far reaches of the world, and docked in the colorful and distant ports of the New World, Ifri or Cathay. You can spend a Raise or a Hero Point when speaking about the cultures, customs and people of far-away lands. Whoever you are speaking to, they believe you.


Nyx’s mother was Angelina Falisci the youngest daughter of Ernesto Falisci a cousin of Donello Falisci one of the seven Princes of Vodacce. Angelina wasn’t born with sorcery so she had nothing to offer the family to increase the families power. It wasn’t tell a young and upcoming wine merchant by the name of Rinaldo caught sight of Angelina and fell in love with the young woman. Ernesto loving his daughter and wanting something better for her then a place as a second wife in a loveless marriage blessed the union. What Ernesto didn’t see was how profitable the marriage would be for Rinaldo opened up a trade route with Avalon and the gold came flowing in. Angelina for her part showed a true flair for business and the couple couldn’t have been more in love or happy.

Angelina and Rinaldo were blessed with a child a daughter with a head of black hair and eyes as black as night. They named her Nyx (of the night) for the night she was born the stars and moon both seemed to vanish for a moment making it pitch black. Nyx was a bundle of joy that her parents would do anything for tell she crushed her mother’s heart, when the first signs of Sorte appeared. Angelina didn’t want this for her daughter didn’t want that life for her. She should have a life with education and happiness just like Angelina now had. Rinaldo promised his wife that he would find a good husband for their daughter and wouldn’t just sell her to make the best deal. So Nyx was raised as all Fate Witch’s, never learning to read or write as her fate was not her own anymore.

Renaldo had kept his promise to wife for as Nyx’s 12th birthday approached, when she would be old enough to start attracting suitors he had found a young Vestini noble by the name of Antonio that seemed like a perfect suitor for the young girl. What Nyx’s father didn’t know was that there was another that had his eye on the young fate witch, Vito Mondavi. Vito was an older man in his mid thirties with a hot temper and no wish to court the girl, he always took what he wanted and all ready had a plan in place.

Nyx’s 12th birthday gift was a family trip to Montaigne and Avalon. It was as much as a business trip as it was a family trip for the ship’s hold was filled with some of the finest wine that the Falisci had to offer along with barrels of whale oil for lamps. Nyx so excited about the trip that she forced the feeling the dread to the back of her mind, the nightmare she had a few nights before almost but forgotten. A vision of the ocean of fire with a black swan in the center, she never told her parents. When the sun was low in the west Vito Mondavi sprung his trap, his war ship coming out of the Signore Islands with the sun at its back blinding those on the merchant ship. Vito’s orders were simple, take the girl and cargo and leave the rest for the sharks. It wasn’t a battle it was a slaughter as Vito’s men killed the crew and Captain, leaving only Renaldo alive as Nyx and her mother had been hidden away in a secret compartment just as the fighting started. Nyx’s screams muffled by her mother’s hand as she listened to her father being tortured, she wanted to rip Vito’s fate apart but she couldn’t see him or the strands. Vito’s rage would get the better of him as he grabbed a lap and threw it against the hall of the ship. Be it fate or something else the lap started a fire bigger than anyone would have thought for several of the barrels of whale oil had been damaged during the fight and the ship was engulfed in flames within minutes. Fleeing back to their ship Vito cursed his fate but with a grin smile he was happy to know that if he couldn’t have the little Fate witch then she was going to die a fiery death.

The Black Swan cut through the waters of the Widow Sea along the coast of Castille as the Sea Dogs hunted for castillian merchant ships to plunder, but they hadn’t much luck since arriving in the area. A cry from the crow’s nest had Captain Jamie Waring looking to the horizon and seeing the smoke and faint glow in the fading day. The sea was still burning as the Black Swan neared the wreckage and floating bodies, nothing they could do as the crew prepared to leave. A rough throated cry had Jamie and the crew running to the railing as a second cry had them looking to the center of the flames. A badly burned body floated on a piece of hall, a young girls face peering out from beneath the body pleading for help.

Nyx held tightly on the small piece of hall her mother’s body still wrapped tightly around her as Angelina died protecting her daughter from the flames. Fate was a fickle bitch for the little Fate Witch had ignored Fate’s warning, Nyx’s parents were dead and she was sure to join them. Then she say her nightmare, a black swan within flames. The flames reflecting off the white background of the Black Swan flag making it appear that the swan was within the flames.

Captain Jamie wasn’t sure on what to do with the girl but he decided to wait tell she healed to hear her tale. The crew saw her as a good luck charm for just two days after pulling her from ocean’s embrace they plundered two merchant ships heavy in rich cargo. The crew even started calling her Little Swan do to her dark looks. Week’s turned into months, months into years as Jamie took Nyx under his wing, training her to be the next Captain of the Black Swan and even coming to think of her as his daughter. Jamie retired to a life of ease from eight years of plundering as Nyx was able to use her sorcery to find the best ships for large profit

Nyx now a young woman of twenty two years of age has been the Captain of the Black Swan for the last two years. At 5’3" she’s a little shorter than the average Theah with a slender build. With dark eyes, olive skin and long black hair that flows loosely down to her waist, Nyx looks every part like her mother at the same age. After hearing the nickname, Little Swan for the last ten years and accepting Jamie Waring as a father figure she now goes by Nyx Little Swan Waring. Nyx never uses her mother’s name Falisci for she fears what Vito Mondavi will do if he ever found out that Nyx survived the fire, but being a Fate Witch, Nyx knows it’s a matter of when not if he finds out. For he will find out some day.

Nyx Little Swan Waring

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