The Black Swan

A Party

drunk with the King

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The Black Swan managed to make port in Dunkeen. Captain Waring and Pytor headed off to meet with Lady Blackburn. Pyotyr Irinova Dimitriov found out that Kayta Mireli was in town to perform at a party being held by local merchants for the O’bannon. Nyx Little Swan Waring after giving her gift of crystal to Jane was invited to sit at her table at the party. An invitation was extend to the crew as well although they were told they wouldn’t be dinning with the nobles.

Wojeiech saw a familiar face and after some heart heart managed to agree to a deal with the dievai that appear to be his wife and father in law. As far as Wojeiech knows he is the only Losejas to have a deal with two at the same time. (Completing his story)

Pytor went and met with his brothers and sisters of the Mireli school. Kayta was impressed with how far his skills had improved and asked if he would like to perform with them for the O’bannon. He accepted their gracious invitation(Completing his story)

The party was held in a warehouse that had been shrouded into glamour to make it appear as an amazing ballroom. The nobles and wealthy merchants were on the first floor. To them the ballroom had a large arching ceiling and they were alone in the room. They were warned that their lessers could hear and see everything that happened on the ballroom floor and to be discreet. Those with out the title or wealth were seated on the second floor on a balcony that went around the room. To them the ballroom appeared to be far below them, yet they could hear all the conversations.

The front of the ballroom had a throne for the O’Bannon, as well as a lesser seat next to him. As everyone watched a porte hole was ripped in the world and several of the Lightning guard came out followed by Evelyne Du Montaigne one of the Emperor of Montaigne’s daughters. The party was in full swing, most of the merchants appeared to be members of the Atabean trading company. When the O’Bannon finally showed up. He proceeded to sit in the throne and drink beer glaring at everyone. Every time one of the merchants came his way he glared until they left him alone. Only Ardeth Bey managed to defeat the glare and enjoyed chatting and drinking with the king. The O’bannon did with a bellow and a stomp dispel the glamour making the warehouse look so impressive. It was transformed back into a warehouse with a 2nd floor balcony about 15 feet up. Bernard Chausser had a shocking sight at the party his old “friend” Andre was there and appeared to be a wealthy captain working for the Atabean Trading company. He appeared to have moved up in the world since betraying Bernard back in Montainge.(Starting his story) Captain Waring spent the night seducing Lady Jane. She managed to win her heart and was swept off to Lady Jane’s home where a passionate night was spent. Nyx’s joy was cut short when in the early morning Lady Jane’s husband burst in. A chase ensued with Nyx fleeing Blackburn’s guards and making a run for her ship. After arriving back at the ship she found out that Blackburn was packing his wife up to take her back to Avalon. Nyx and her crew then proceeded to take over Blackburn’s ship and wait for them to show up. After ambushing and embarrassing Blackburn they rescued Lady Jane and sailed out of port. (Completing his story)

The party is headed to Montaigne to pursue Bernard’s personal story.



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