The Black Swan


Ship Name: The Black Swan
Class: Brigantine
Origin: Avalon
Ships made in Avalon tend to be smaller and built for speed. Gain two Bonus Dice for any Risks involving speed and maneuverability—such as trying to flat outrun another Ship.

Beyond the Horizon
Your Ship has sailed to the far reaches of the world, and docked in the colorful and distant ports of the New World, Ifri or Cathay. You can spend a Raise or a Hero Point when speaking about the cultures, customs and people of far-away lands. Whoever you are speaking to, they believe you.

Heroic Captain
One of your Ship’s Captains had a stellar reputation
all across Théah. That reputation passes on to your
Crew. You can spend a Raise or a Hero Point when
you encounter an NPC sailor, old sea dog, retired
naval Captain or similar individual. That NPC had
a favorable run-in with your Ship’s Captain, and they
look favorably upon your Ship and her Crew.

The Black Swan

The Black Swan Peregrinefalcon