The Black Swan

A Party
drunk with the King

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The Black Swan managed to make port in Dunkeen. Captain Waring and Pytor headed off to meet with Lady Blackburn. Pyotyr Irinova Dimitriov found out that Kayta Mireli was in town to perform at a party being held by local merchants for the O’bannon. Nyx Little Swan Waring after giving her gift of crystal to Jane was invited to sit at her table at the party. An invitation was extend to the crew as well although they were told they wouldn’t be dinning with the nobles.

Wojeiech saw a familiar face and after some heart heart managed to agree to a deal with the dievai that appear to be his wife and father in law. As far as Wojeiech knows he is the only Losejas to have a deal with two at the same time. (Completing his story)

Pytor went and met with his brothers and sisters of the Mireli school. Kayta was impressed with how far his skills had improved and asked if he would like to perform with them for the O’bannon. He accepted their gracious invitation(Completing his story)

The party was held in a warehouse that had been shrouded into glamour to make it appear as an amazing ballroom. The nobles and wealthy merchants were on the first floor. To them the ballroom had a large arching ceiling and they were alone in the room. They were warned that their lessers could hear and see everything that happened on the ballroom floor and to be discreet. Those with out the title or wealth were seated on the second floor on a balcony that went around the room. To them the ballroom appeared to be far below them, yet they could hear all the conversations.

The front of the ballroom had a throne for the O’Bannon, as well as a lesser seat next to him. As everyone watched a porte hole was ripped in the world and several of the Lightning guard came out followed by Evelyne Du Montaigne one of the Emperor of Montaigne’s daughters. The party was in full swing, most of the merchants appeared to be members of the Atabean trading company. When the O’Bannon finally showed up. He proceeded to sit in the throne and drink beer glaring at everyone. Every time one of the merchants came his way he glared until they left him alone. Only Ardeth Bey managed to defeat the glare and enjoyed chatting and drinking with the king. The O’bannon did with a bellow and a stomp dispel the glamour making the warehouse look so impressive. It was transformed back into a warehouse with a 2nd floor balcony about 15 feet up. Bernard Chausser had a shocking sight at the party his old “friend” Andre was there and appeared to be a wealthy captain working for the Atabean Trading company. He appeared to have moved up in the world since betraying Bernard back in Montainge.(Starting his story) Captain Waring spent the night seducing Lady Jane. She managed to win her heart and was swept off to Lady Jane’s home where a passionate night was spent. Nyx’s joy was cut short when in the early morning Lady Jane’s husband burst in. A chase ensued with Nyx fleeing Blackburn’s guards and making a run for her ship. After arriving back at the ship she found out that Blackburn was packing his wife up to take her back to Avalon. Nyx and her crew then proceeded to take over Blackburn’s ship and wait for them to show up. After ambushing and embarrassing Blackburn they rescued Lady Jane and sailed out of port. (Completing his story)

The party is headed to Montaigne to pursue Bernard’s personal story.

High Adventure
Personal Stories and monsters.

Czarina’s Eagle

With the delivery of the cannon, the Czarina’s ships are complete. As she agreed the town of Somajez and the island it’s on is once more controlled by the Vendal League. Hopefully no more lives will be lost fighting over that island. Since the town really didn’t have anything going for it, you decided to sail to Ekatnava the nearest town of any size. Ekatnava is a large shipping port, at the mouth of the river Ekatnava.

Ekatnava Aspects
Large Rowdy Fairgrounds
If it can be bought in Ussura it can be bought here.
Most Modern City(in Ussura)
People from all lands.

Individual Event’s

Sarangerel- A note is left at the dock by a passing stranger. The note says “ Misha Oksanova has one of the artifacts taken from your family” the note is signed with the symbol of the magnetic compass(Explorer’s Society).

Pyotyr Irinova Dimitriov- You hear that at the fairgrounds, there is a Mireli performer. At the fairgrounds you find them dancing with sabers, They are a married couple Ingrid and Hans Drexal and their students, a total of five Mireli’s sword dancers.

Ardeth Bey- The bars in town are a buzz with the story that Oksanova’s dog fighting show, has the body of a strange creature on display. It is said to be a spider made of crystal. No one knows where she found it, but rumor has it that the dogs will be fighting one tomorrow night.

Wojeiech Androsik A strange man approaches you, “ sorry to bother you sir, but the young lady selling flowers at the fairground told me to give you this.” The small package when opened contains a small bag of salt, and a small loaf of bread, and a small bottle of wine. (traditional marriage salt for the adversity they will face, bread for the prosperity, wine to show they will never be thirsty again).

They watched the dogs fight against the spider, and then approached Misha, she said if they would go to a syrnth that she knew the location of and get her more of this gem encrusted silk. She would return the artifact to Sarangerel. She did warn them that the crystal spider came from the same ruins. The party always being up for a monster hunt set off. The ruin was 2 days climb from the shore in mountains that are sometimes Vesten and sometimes Ussurern. The ruins ended up being a mine carved out of the inside of the mountain, the entrance a modest cave. They quickly entered gathered the silk and began to fight the spiders who sprang out of holes in the ground. There were blue crystal spiders the size of dogs, brown crystal spiders the size of bears, and white crystal spiders about twice man size. Also some tiny yellow spiders that came out of holes in the ground and grabbed artifacts that were on the floor and carried them deeper into the mine. After beating back the first couple waves of spiders Ardeth did manage to kill one of the brown ones before it could flee. With more spiders coming out the group decided to flee. Almost all of them did make it out with one artifact or another.

When they arrived back where they had left the black swan, they found their crew tied up on the beach. Someone had stolen their ship!

Nyx Little Swan Waring used her magic to tug the strands of fate and get a nearby ship to save them. None other then Borgshowed up and for a small fee took them back to Ekatnava, where they found the Black Swan sitting in port, with it’s mast gone. It appears that Ilya Ekatnava Paveltova v’Novgorov decided to just take Paveltova v’Novgorov Brothersback. So the crew had more time in Ekatnava to wait for a new mast to be put on the ship.

These two sessions were all personal stories. Ardeth wrapped up a monster hunting story line, Saraangel, and Wojiech started their story lines, Capt Nix did one step in her storyline. After this the party is headed back to Dunkeen to meet with Lady Jane. They group also completed a ships adventure with having cargo worth more then 10 wealth, it was also the 5th ship adventure completed.

So all in all a good couple sessions.

We have kept playing
I'll update I promise.

Haven’t updated in awhile but we are still playing. So I will update adventure log this week.

The Ice Opal
diary of Ilya

That damn bitch ruined everything again. I had everything set up, the ice opal’s did their job and froze the whole town, except for Alexander but he wouldn’t leave his home to find out what was going on. We had secured the ships, and the craftsmen. The fortress was ours. The traps set, and she ruined it again. I had no idea she was a fate witch, Pulling me off of the fortress walls ruined everything. That damn Captain has now captured four of my brothers, and we failed our Czar. Ketheryna will have her ships. My father will have a fit when he has to pay for my brothers back. If the Czar wants revenge on the Black Swan, he’s going to have to give me an army.

_The Ritual of the Ice Opal

The ice opal is forced down a person’s throat after a few seconds the ice will burst forth in a wave, this wave will freeze everyone in a seven mile radius for seven days. To them it will feel like they simply fell asleep, and no harm will come to any frozen except for the person who swallowed the opal. After the initial wave, only those who come in contact with the land that share nationality with the sacrifice will be frozen. Those touched by the mother will also be unharmed. Using an ice opal within Ussura gains the attention of Matsuka and should be avoided if at all possible._

The Ussurian Problem

Halfway through an otherwise calm night., a man approached the docks. Ilya Ekatnava Paveltova v’Novgorov warned that he would be attacking the ship come dawn to stop them from taking the cannons to Ussura. Pyotyr Irinova Dimitriov decided to take the threat seriously and rounded up the those crew members that were having a good time in Vendal’s many pubs. They decided to leave the dock and sit out in the harbor, to make it harder for them to be threatened. At dawn a scream began to emanate from below decks. They rushed below to find a porte Sorcerer had opened a rift, and somehow also blocked some of the ways in so that only 2 entrances to the cargo area could be fought through. The crew below ended up facing 2 Ussurans and the sorcerer, while they tried to get barrels of gunpowder into the boat. Those on deck became under fire from riflemen on the shore. The fight was quick and bloody with the sorcerer abandoning his Ussuran friends and fleeing back through the rift. The Ussurans identified them selves as Dimitri and Alexi said they were nobles and that their families would pay for there return. The ship returned to the docks to find that the riflemen had fled, and that the guards the blacksmith guild had hired had left for shift change.

Czarina's Eagle
GM Story

Step 1: Deliver Cannons to Somajez


Strange magic, and another 2 brothers captured. Ilya was forced to flee. More info to follow.

A Pirate, Bear and Seal

With the blessing from Mother Ocean the crew of the Black Swan was able to find Borg’s ship, the Sea Poisons Blade. Needless to say Borg wasn’t too happy to see Isla the selkie, apparently he had a problem with her over friendly nature when it came to human males. Or maybe it was the fact that she slept with most of his crew that he had a problem with. But after some intense negotiating Nyx was able to trade some Lumont Red for Isla’s seal skin. With a brief battle with more of Isla’s brothers who wanted to return her to the queen the Black Swan was on its way north to return Isla home. Isla’s husband an Ussura shape shifting bear of all things was more than happy to have his love safely home.

Now the crew must head south once more to Castille to deliver some champagne to the port city of San Teodoro but first a quick stop in Dunkeen. To Dunkeen and Lady Jane Blackburn, if anyone can find a buyer for the rest of the Lumont Red it’s her. Nyx has been to long from Jane’s presence and misses that glowing smile that has enamored her the first time they met.

Ardeth's Journal Log (3)
Excerpt #3

We have made it to Montaigne. The land is fairly pretty but the populace are not as much so. The nobles are pompous windbags and the peasants are sheep. As far as I can tell their military leaders are imbeciles. Still I made the best of it exploring the town. We then got to see some of the countryside, as the doctor wanted to visit a village that had been visited by a plague. The nobility had burned the village and the fields to the ground in fear of spreading the plague. Wojciek came to us as we were there, trying to hire an assassin to kill the local Baron. I deferred to the Usuran, who has already showed a lack of morals. The noble turned out to be quite an ass, but he still handily defeated the Usuran in a duel. I guess justice was served in a sense.

Ardeth's Journal Log (2)
Excerpt #2

Wandesborrow, another port in another nation. A town of sailors is not a bad thing. They have at least lived life and braved the elements. It was a good place to find a good bar to relax and enjoy some drink. Then the Roison started caterwauling. His singing lacked the sense of triumph and tragedy of a good Eisen song. He apparently cannot take criticism as well, as he tried to have his Ussuran brute friend try to hold me down as he punched me. Luckily the Ussuran is as clumsy as he is ugly. I then had to teach some manners to the rest of the louts in the bar along with Roison. Once the mess was over I took him back to the ship for some ministrations from the doctor. We then promptly left port to the sounds of the watch bells ringing. Captain says we are heading to Montaigne next.

Ardeth's Journal Log
Excerpt #1

It was looking to be just another boring port till we heard a woman scream. Out of the night a beautiful woman came running to the docks and collapsed. She was being chased by a mob of rowdies. Myself and several of the crew went to assist the lass. Things were well in hand until the sea monsters came out of the waters. NOW we were having fun. Gleefully I ran to engage the beasts in combat, dispatching two of them before the third fled back to the sea. Once they were slain they turned into men. I had no time to consider this as the bells began to ring for the city watch and the captain ordered us to set sail. Once on board it turns out the damsel is a Fey. Crazy world.


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