The Black Swan

The Ice Opal

diary of Ilya

That damn bitch ruined everything again. I had everything set up, the ice opal’s did their job and froze the whole town, except for Alexander but he wouldn’t leave his home to find out what was going on. We had secured the ships, and the craftsmen. The fortress was ours. The traps set, and she ruined it again. I had no idea she was a fate witch, Pulling me off of the fortress walls ruined everything. That damn Captain has now captured four of my brothers, and we failed our Czar. Ketheryna will have her ships. My father will have a fit when he has to pay for my brothers back. If the Czar wants revenge on the Black Swan, he’s going to have to give me an army.

_The Ritual of the Ice Opal

The ice opal is forced down a person’s throat after a few seconds the ice will burst forth in a wave, this wave will freeze everyone in a seven mile radius for seven days. To them it will feel like they simply fell asleep, and no harm will come to any frozen except for the person who swallowed the opal. After the initial wave, only those who come in contact with the land that share nationality with the sacrifice will be frozen. Those touched by the mother will also be unharmed. Using an ice opal within Ussura gains the attention of Matsuka and should be avoided if at all possible._



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