The Black Swan

The Ussurian Problem


Halfway through an otherwise calm night., a man approached the docks. Ilya Ekatnava Paveltova v’Novgorov warned that he would be attacking the ship come dawn to stop them from taking the cannons to Ussura. Pyotyr Irinova Dimitriov decided to take the threat seriously and rounded up the those crew members that were having a good time in Vendal’s many pubs. They decided to leave the dock and sit out in the harbor, to make it harder for them to be threatened. At dawn a scream began to emanate from below decks. They rushed below to find a porte Sorcerer had opened a rift, and somehow also blocked some of the ways in so that only 2 entrances to the cargo area could be fought through. The crew below ended up facing 2 Ussurans and the sorcerer, while they tried to get barrels of gunpowder into the boat. Those on deck became under fire from riflemen on the shore. The fight was quick and bloody with the sorcerer abandoning his Ussuran friends and fleeing back through the rift. The Ussurans identified them selves as Dimitri and Alexi said they were nobles and that their families would pay for there return. The ship returned to the docks to find that the riflemen had fled, and that the guards the blacksmith guild had hired had left for shift change.



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