The Black Swan

Ardeth's Journal Log (3)

Excerpt #3

We have made it to Montaigne. The land is fairly pretty but the populace are not as much so. The nobles are pompous windbags and the peasants are sheep. As far as I can tell their military leaders are imbeciles. Still I made the best of it exploring the town. We then got to see some of the countryside, as the doctor wanted to visit a village that had been visited by a plague. The nobility had burned the village and the fields to the ground in fear of spreading the plague. Wojciek came to us as we were there, trying to hire an assassin to kill the local Baron. I deferred to the Usuran, who has already showed a lack of morals. The noble turned out to be quite an ass, but he still handily defeated the Usuran in a duel. I guess justice was served in a sense.



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