The Black Swan

Ardeth's Journal Log (2)

Excerpt #2

Wandesborrow, another port in another nation. A town of sailors is not a bad thing. They have at least lived life and braved the elements. It was a good place to find a good bar to relax and enjoy some drink. Then the Roison started caterwauling. His singing lacked the sense of triumph and tragedy of a good Eisen song. He apparently cannot take criticism as well, as he tried to have his Ussuran brute friend try to hold me down as he punched me. Luckily the Ussuran is as clumsy as he is ugly. I then had to teach some manners to the rest of the louts in the bar along with Roison. Once the mess was over I took him back to the ship for some ministrations from the doctor. We then promptly left port to the sounds of the watch bells ringing. Captain says we are heading to Montaigne next.



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