The Black Swan

A Pirate, Bear and Seal

With the blessing from Mother Ocean the crew of the Black Swan was able to find Borg’s ship, the Sea Poisons Blade. Needless to say Borg wasn’t too happy to see Isla the selkie, apparently he had a problem with her over friendly nature when it came to human males. Or maybe it was the fact that she slept with most of his crew that he had a problem with. But after some intense negotiating Nyx was able to trade some Lumont Red for Isla’s seal skin. With a brief battle with more of Isla’s brothers who wanted to return her to the queen the Black Swan was on its way north to return Isla home. Isla’s husband an Ussura shape shifting bear of all things was more than happy to have his love safely home.

Now the crew must head south once more to Castille to deliver some champagne to the port city of San Teodoro but first a quick stop in Dunkeen. To Dunkeen and Lady Jane Blackburn, if anyone can find a buyer for the rest of the Lumont Red it’s her. Nyx has been to long from Jane’s presence and misses that glowing smile that has enamored her the first time they met.



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